The secret about Gaudí – or life in NZ from outer space – The Putangirua Pinnacles – and how do the Clay Cliffs fit in?

Have you ever wondered where Gaudí got his ideas and inspiration from? Well, I wouldn’t be surprised if hePutangirua Pinnacles had travelled around New Zealand, checked out the area around Wellington and stayed at the beach house for a creative retreat at some stage in Putangirua Pinnacleshis life.

The Putangirua Pinnacles remind me sooo much of „Sagrada Familia“ in Barcelona, it’s impressive. If I didn’t know the „Sagrada Familia“, I would have thought I landed Putangirua Pinnaclessomewhere else in the universe.

It was just one of these week-end road trips…

Read  more about the Putangirua Pinnacles and the Clay Cliffs.

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