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Following the wind: kite-safari around the world – in Sardinia

Wind; yeah, it does exist. These black sheep on the sea, also called kitesurfers, like the wind so much that they travel where ever they can get it. They put up with bad weather as long as they can get the wind. Of course, they also like the sun and high temperatures but above all they like wind. Sardinia has wind; lots of it. On the bring of summer when the sun is out and temperatures already in the higher levels but still too early for summer-sun-beach-tourists as the weather risk is still too high, Sardinia is a bliss for kitesurfers.
Wind is at home in Sardinia. Italians have even given it names. Their Majesties Tramontana, Grecale, Levante, Scirocco, Mezzogiorno (Ostro), Libeccio, Ponente und Maestrale (Mistral) get regularly support of thermal winds. Most of the time, the predominant wind forecasts significantly underestimate this. On top, the nozzle effect in the Strait of Bonifacio in the North and the cape effect in the Southwest amplify these winds.
The idea – Discovering kite spots for various skill levels and of diverse character in Sardinia. Our path will be designed by the wind which is most promising in April and May, but also in autumn. There is also a good chance to have lots of wind earlier during the year, but you should travel with thicker wetsuit at these times of the year.
The protagonists: A black sheep. An advanced beginner in kite-surfing writing about the kite-safari. A New Zealander in Europe with kite experience (he kited 2000 km along the Brasilian coast, see Porto Pollo
Starting point: Palau, location of pecora nera’s editorial office. “pecora nera” is Italian and means „black sheep“. The online magazine shows the island of Sardinia and its residents from a genuine, outlandish and unsophisticated point of view – looking from behind hedges and facades with blacksheepish curiosity and a clear journalistic approach. Their articles mostly tell stories from the low season and for individual travelers with lively interest in the island, its people and sheep. Sincerity, fun and “la dolce vita” are part of the editorial concept, just as wool belongs to the sheep. This is why the magazine doesn’t avoid writing about the continuous rain during the winter months or endless province streets and shows why this can even be a reason to fall in love with this little continent. Read more.
The German version of my article about the kite-safari in Sardinia is available here.