Monthly Archives: July 2011

You like it windy? And windy? Kitesurfing at Lago di Santa Croce

Kitesurfing between the mountainsIt’s not the German Autobahn. But Italy does have motorways. You can make it pretty quickly southwards through the Alps to South Tyrol, direction lakes and Mediterranean Sea. This time, I don’t want to arrive quickly, it’s silky-way day – let’s discover. On my way to a wedding in Bolzano, I turn left at Bressanone, five and a half hours way round via the Dolomites. Fantastic skiing area in the winter, I decide to have a look during the less touristy-packed season. Scenic and – windy – roads. At the end the reward: Lago di Santa Croce in the Belluno area – and it stays: windy. Read more.

KB4girls World Tour 2011 in Saal/German Baltic Sea – improve your kitesurfing the Erman way with “cocktails on board”

Group picture supremesurf.deI’m driving. Flat countryside, wearing sunglasses, beautiful weather, direction seaside. No, it’s not Southern Europe this time, it’s Germany. Unusual for me to write an article about Germany as I feel more on travels when abroad. But actually, Germany is very different in all partGroup picture Tramontana Grafixxs, and its diversity well worth discovering. And yes, there is a lot of kiting here, too. The North of Germany has quite a bit of coast line along the North and Baltic Sea, and lots of charming islands. Another incentive: It’s KB4girls week-end with world champion Kristin Boese again. Home base for her, too. Read more.