Silky Blog online

4 hours after the first talk, the Silky blog is online and waiting for great input from the most individual traveller there is: Silky!

Soon expect much more on this page, also the layout will improve. So check this page from time to time…

2 thoughts on “Silky Blog online

  1. Dave

    Hi Silke. Remember me from Fresh Water hut? I remebered your site, it’s cool.
    How was the rest of your hike to Masons? I had a great hike the next day. The tide was down in North Arm and I could walk across the tidal flats to the hut.
    I miss Stewart Island! Back to Rotorua soon. How was job hunting?


  2. Silke Noll Post author

    Hey Dave, of course I remember you. Mason Bay Hut was disappointing; it didn’t come with massage and breakfast to bed. 😉 Just kidding…the hike was great, beautiful landscape. No kiwi birds though. Just last minute before going back by water taxi next to Freshwater Hut. Yey, finally. I miss Stuard Island, too, such a beauty, would love to go back. Job hunting positive lately, but nothing fixed yet. Keep fingers crossed. Silke

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