Fundraising KB4girls

…and the silky-way goes on.

Someone who’s been kiting for about 10 years recently told me: “Kiting is helping each other”. This is what I love about this sport and the community. I started kitesurfing in 2006, the year when I got equally caught by the most fascinating milky way I have ever seen in Australia. The silky-way was born. Down the road silky-way meets KB4girls  2011 World Tour in the Netherlands and Germany. A charity event created by 9x world champion Kristin Boese to support female kiters. An important step because kitesurfing has become very important to me and indispensable from silky-way travels. If you would like to support KB4girls thank you very much for making a donation here. The funds for the Germany event are going to Surfrider Foundation Europe, a non profit organization, dedicated to defend, save, improve and manage in a sustainable manner the ocean, coastline, waves and the people who enjoy them, and to Silke Gorldt e.V. to support young kiters. If you’d like to read more about the Netherlands event, have a look at the press release, a corresponding article or my own silky-way article about kite-surfing in Old Zeeland.

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